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Fun with new Ceylon M5 syntax

As a new dev version of the Ceylon Eclipse IDE was pushed, let’s play with the syntax

[String,Number,Boolean,String] fooBarTuple = ["foo",1,true,"bar"];

// can be seen as a sequence with this syntax

[Number|String|Boolean...] fooBarSequence = fooBarTuple;

// or this alternate sequencer

[] fooBarSequenceAlternate = fooBarTuple;

// can be seen as an iterable

{Number|String|Boolean...} fooBarIterable = fooBarSequence;

// create a new tuple with the first tuple    [Number,String,Number,Boolean,String] fooBarTuple42 = [42,fooBarTuple...];

// or a new iterable

{Number|String|Boolean...} fooBarIterable42 = {42,fooBarTuple42...};

// This is too verbose : define an alias

interface MyHeterogenousType => [Number|String|Boolean...];

MyHeterogenousType seenAsMyType = fooBarSequence;

// or use type inferencecompute

value fooBarTupleValue = fooBarTuple;

Boolean vrai = fooBarTupleValue[2];
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